About Us

About coinbitminers.com

A group of precious metals traders founded coinbitminers.com in 2014

Coinbitminer incorporated in Indonesia is a technology platform that connects advisors and investors to the best alternative investment managers. Today many real estate and alternative investment managers are limited to raising capital locally.

However with coinbitminer , these managers can now raise capital globally through our platform's connectivity with institutional and intermediary channels. Our firm’s growing client list includes some of the world’s most respected alternative investment managers that are using our technology to increase their AUM.

Coinbitminer is an absolutely unique and high-tech company, covering several most profitable and relevant business lines of various profitability (Mining, Trading, Loan, Prepaid Card, Real Estate) at once.

Our vision

What We Do?

The main activity of the company is the development and operation of high-tech software and equipment used in various fields of medium- and high-profitable business operating through the Internet world network.

The company has a wide range of unique financial offers for clients. These offers won't allow to stay indifferent even the most demanding specialists in the field of investment and network business development.

Our vision

Our History And Legitmacy

Coinbitminer is a global leader in financial management business, We are not a Start up, we are a team with proven integrity and successful financial track records for over 10 years extending across the global financial markets.

Today, the company offers services in more than 40 countries, providing some of the broadest, most sophisticated financial management.

Potential Benefits of coinbitminers.com

Zero Risk

When you invest in coinbitminers.com, you are investing in a platform with no risk but guaranteed returns.

Reliable and Profitable

The coinbitminers.com platform will be ideal for those looking for a simple but dependable way to invest in crypto.

Hassle-Free Withdrawal

Timely and hassle-free processing of withdrawals as they are automated and without human intervention.

User Friendly System

An interface that is not overly complex, but rather well-organized and simple, with quick access to common features or commands.

How we generate profit?

We generate revenue by trading in multiple segments using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Trading in cryptocurrencies, precious metals, and oil and gas are similar to stock trading, where you buy and sell these for profit margins. We generate revenue by trading using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Our specialties include spot trading, position trading, CFDs, long-term trading, swing trading, day trading, and so on. The high volatility of cryptocurrencies not only tends to raise the risks of crypto trading but also makes it more profitable than any other type of investment.

Our vision

Our members must only make a deposit and withdraw profits. You don't really need any prior trading experience. Following a through planning process, coinbitminers.com employs master brokers and automation tools to effectively screen and trade in different segments.